Death and Tanya死神ターニャ

Death and Tanya

Only for Film Market of Focus on Asia IFF Fukuoka

Contry of Production
Year of Production
Running Time
79 mins
Taishi Shiode
Tateto Serizawa / Yurie Kobori / Agasa Okada
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A grim reaper lives in everyday monotony, with nothing to do but attend human deaths. One day, he decides he wants to try hamburger steak. He and his companion decide to possess the bodies of dead humans. But if the reaper doesn’t cry by midnight 2 days later, his soul will cease to exist.

The reaper possesses the body of Hideo, a man who has died in a traffic accident. Hideo has been hit by Tanya, a woman who just so happens to be haunted by the god of plague, causing her to be jinxed. Tanya mistakenly believes Hideo has amnesia due to the accident and decides to accompany him until his memory comes back. Along the way, Hideo’s past comes to light. Hideo has run away with the money he and his friends stole in a robbery/murder, and these friends are now looking for him.

Tanya and the reaper are met with misfortune after misfortune. Adding to their woes are the reaper’s companion in human form, this possessed human’s boyfriend, Hideo’s girlfriend, and Hideo’s criminal buddies. Will Tanya be able to help Hideo, a spirit looming ever closer to nonexistence?

CONTACT INFORMATION COMPANY:Fukuoka Independent Film Festival (FIDFF)
PIC:Mr. Tomohiro Kaneishi CONTACT