King of the Sun

King of the Sun

Only for Film Market of Focus on Asia IFF Fukuoka

Contry of Production
Year of Production
Running Time
120 mins
Yu Lin,Wang
Wan See,Ho / Eason Hseih / Jian Wei,Huang / Hua Chien,Hsu


A genuine eighteen-year old boy, having mild Asperger syndrome meanwhile an impressive talent of depicting delicate and detailed painting of city landscape, was struggling his way. He had faced a one-month suspension from school after violating the rule. He forgot to bring cellphone with him and had been asked to stay at home for retrospecting purpose during the suspension.

On the day after Ms. LIE-LIAN-Chung, his 38-year old teacher, finding out that he showed up at school during suspension period, she gave him a lecture at office. Since Tony’s sharp retorts had drawn attention from other teachers at office, Ms. Chung decided to carry on the conversation on the side of the sports ground.

“Ms. Chung, if you were at my age, I would definitely go after you” said DONG-NING ardently.

LIE-CHENG, two years older than LIE-LIAN, grew up with her in orphanage. After the dinner, he revealed that he had bought a house for her with the profit he earned from investing. “Mum and dad had left nothing, we have to fight for what we want” said LIE-CHENG.

At the same time , DONG-NING insisted his father to buy him some painting paper from art supplies shop. His father happened to encounter a fatal crash accident on his way. DONG-NING rushed to the hospital on LIE-LIAN’s company soon after he received the news, he passed out. Several days later, awaking from coma, he realized that he had gained the ability of traveling through time.   

DONG-NING decided to travel back to the exact day before the accident happened. However, a call from LIE-LIAN took him to the time when LIE-CHENG was 18 instead.

They met each other at basketball court and passionate love burst out between them.  Love had brought DONG-NING joy but not his father. For this reason, LIE-LIAN was determined to leave with DONG-NING for another time travel. The time-travel plan failed to succeed happening on two. DONG-NING was gone and Lien was left in profound grief. The only person she could rely on was LIE-CHENG after all these happened.   

The wheel of destiny had yet stopped crafting its ploy. After his return, DONG-NING happened to witness the tragedy of the car accident that took the life of his father, found out that his mother had been missing and discovered the fact that LIE-LIAN had never taught at school after a conflict with school guard. At the point where he was completely lost, a flyer brought two together again.   

‘’ What happened between us 20 years ago was past. For me it has ended for a long time. I have some more important things to do” said LIE-LIAN

LIE-LIAN went study abroad to get over the heartbroken time after DONG-NING left her for another time travel. Many years later, she was back in Taiwan preparing for a battle of life matter in jungle with her fellows. LIE-CHENG knew that this would be the last chance to save his sister. He drugged DONG-NING and followed LIE-LIAN to the mountain where the battle was going to take place. The two started a severe fight.

LIE-LIAN declared that though she understood the mission was doomed to fail, she was willing to sacrifice herself for a greater cause. However, LIE-CHENG stayed strongly against her unrealistic and wishful-thinking idea.

In the cave, DONG-NING woke up realizing that nearly every one of the guerrilla was killed. LIE-CHENG had a worried feeling that LIE-LIAN might be one of the casualties. LIE-CHENG got two shots on him and fell from cliff with DONG-NING when two were on the run after the enemy set fire to the mountain where they hid.      

During the free fall, the two came to the forest of unknown time.

DONG-NING helped bind up LIE-CHENG’s wound. After LIE-CHENG confirmed the time in which they were traveling, he confidently believed that the seashore outside of the jungle was the ultimate destination of his grand plan that he had been plotting for years.    

There was nothing but desert outside of the jungle after they strive their way out. While DONG-NING was bewildered by the overlapping historical time, two men from local tribe appeared to become a palace guard and his officer, with their ancient Chinese official customs, in the eyes of LIE-CHENG. He rushed and slashed two. Stabbed two times at the man in officer wear.  Unexpectedly, blood spurt from LIE-CHENG’s two wounds of gun-shot when he stabbed at him.

Having no other options, DONG-NING dragged LIE-CHENG away with him and two begun on another time travel. A tattoo on LIE-CHENG’s arm reminded DONG-NING of LIE-LIAN stroke him during the free fall.

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