Fear Me Not

Fear Me Not

Only for Film Market of Focus on Asia IFF Fukuoka

Contry of Production
Hong Kong
Year of Production
Running Time
90 mins
Jil Wong
Lam Tze Chung


Ella, a member of the Girl Band Y.E.S,(Y, Ella & Sugar) caught the media’s attention due to her scandal involving Mandy’s boyfriend which resulted in Mandy committing suicide and consequently this tragic incident became a hot topic in town.

The other two members of Y.E.S, and Fei Ba (the manager of Y.E.S) are very affected by Mandy’s suicide. While the situation has fallen into deep depression, the Thailand TV station invites Y.E.S to the brand new V Hotel in Thailand for shooting a TV show, which is produced by Coen.

V Hotel differs from other usual 5-star hotels by having a PANIC ROOM to deal with extrem situations. Since arrival, Fei Ba has been non-stop sneezing because of his nasal allergy. He has also been affected by food poisoning after dining out, which has caused a skin infection.

The doctor informs his situation to the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, who decides to temporarily close down the whole hotel.

Everyone is very frustrated and tries to escape or contacts the people outside. However all these actions failed. Fei Ba gets infected by an unknown virus and transform into mutants. Robert, the Hotel manager, try to guide everyone to hide in the PANIC ROOM.

In order to survive, Y even betrayed and abandoned her best partner Sugar. Y.E.S gradually separates.

On the other hand, Ming Leung and Dragon King, 2 other guests of the hotel try to find ways to escape. They find guns in the vault of the hotel and fight against the infected patients. Nevertheless, the situation on the street is not better than inside the hotel. But they finally find out all the incidents are part of a reality show planned by the TV station. The whole purpose is to capture real reactions of everyone and to depict the high security of the V Hotel. When the story is supposed to come to an end, the dead body of Y is found…

PIC:Ms. Pearl Chan CONTACT