Juan Tansan

Juan Tansan

Only for Film Market of Focus on Asia IFF Fukuoka

Contry of Production
Lawrence Fajardo
work in Progress


(Number Fever) is the promotional sales campaign of a multinational corporation, Ice Tea Cola. The bottle cap holder with the winning number will be rewarded with a grand prize of one million pesos. The combination is drawn every Saturday, at six in the evening.

The whole country is gripped in fever pitch anticipation of the winning number. Every household tunes into the live weekly draw. Among them are Moymoy and his grandfather Pidong, Nick, a former Vice Mayor and his family and lovers Rashid and Alika.

All of them need the money to put them out of their dire situation. Pidong is sick and worries about the welfare of his young grandson Moymoy. Nick needs to jumpstart his fallen political career, and Rashid needs a way to buy back Alika’s dowry as she is about to be married to a much older man.

The story begins when selected the winning number combination, “1521″ is drawn and all over the country, several thousands of people, including Moymoy, Nick and Rashid, are holders of the winning bottle cap, with a million pesos as the prize.

In an instant, the promise of the fulfillment of their dreams is at hand. Each of them pursues to claim the prize money, no matter the cost to their own lives and family. As the hordes of winners flock the office of the multinational company, aspirations are diminished as the company announced that there was an error and a system glitch.

As chaos ensues, all of them struggle with the repercussions of their actions, culminating in the fact that in the end, all the company could give out is a measly one thousand pesos for all the winners.

The struggles of these individuals together with the rest of the other “winners” in getting their prizes is a symbol of how money and the commercialism of a multinational conglomerate can take away and shatter even the dreams of the entire Filipino nation.

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